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Teens Experience Learning Life communicates and advocates to and for all teens. We want to reach teen girls that are outside of our community, those who are living on the streets , incarcerated, in uncompromising positions but have cell phone and internet means. 

We have developed a successful way for our teen girls to communicate with us, get questions answered and direction on how to get out of or work through challenging situations.  

Weekly radio talk forum for teens in open discussion about drugs, sex, family concerns, health, trauma, relationships, social media and so much more. Fun and educational information is provided as well as resources needed in every area of their lives. 

We also promote our Miss Teens on this show. Miss Teen calls in and discuss their WHY they do such great and awesome things that they do to advance and keep balance in their lives.

Advocacy- we use this forum also to be a voice for those who have no voice. We stay on top of every news worthy of discussion when it comes to our girls, no matter the culture, religion, country, etc. We raise awareness in areas of Child Abuse, Sex- Trafficking prevention/ Resources for change, Rape prevention, Teen pregnancy prevention, Advocate for those who experience and prevention of Sexual Violence, Anti-Bullying, Crisis and Suicide Prevention, Drug/ Alcohol prevention, awareness and how to get the help they need for change.

We are drama free, provide resources to connect those in need to their communities or national help sites and contact numbers, the freedom to speak openly about their concerns, judgement free zone. We speak and promote compassion, empathy and true love expressed through the radio forum for those who truly want to make change in their lives.

Connect with us every Tuesday evening from 8:30pm-9:30pm we look forward to hearing from you. 

Have a topic you would like us to discuss reach out to us we welcome you.

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