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 On 5-12-2018 Miss Harris attended a Mother's Day Celebration Event @ Living Faith Baptist Church, Pennsauken NJ. A work friend who shared her mother with her.  She won 1st place in a crowd attended fashion show for best dress and for her amazing shoes.


On 5-6-2018 Ms. Harris received numerous nominations for this award.  Roslyn S. Jaffe Awards is a not-for-profit program that gives financial awards to everyday heroes who are making the world a better place for women and children ... She works endlessly as an Advocate, Leader, Motivator & Life Coach for many girls. She deserves to WIN!


On 5-6-2018- T.E.L.L. met with Jose Jimenez from S.E.R.V.- Services Empowering the Rights of Victims.

As an Advocate for many women & girls, Ms. Harris felt the need to add this Organization to our Programs.  

SERV is a state designated sexual violence crisis center for Camden County.

They have a prevention program that attempts to reduce sexual violence through data- informed curriculum approved by the Department of children & Families (DCF) and the NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA).



Teens Experience Learning Life hosted another wonderful meeting on April 28, 2018. It was fun and eventful.

We welcome our 3 new Members:

Dr. Abdulghani- This Internal Medicine Physician saw value in TELL we welcome his part in our Collaboration and welcome his expertise in the areas of helping those who need help with addictions. His Program helps and has a 80% success rate. Stay tuned for our upcoming Blog for more information about this program. Dr. A will be a Featured Professional and Partner in our endeavors to prevent addiction, raise awareness and provide medical education to our teens.

Robin Lincoln- She came all the way from Philadelphia to attend our meeting. She loved what she heard and is on board with us. Robin will be a Featured Professional she has a passion to help those who are apart of the Foster Care systems.

Tanesha Wallace- Is our Entrepreneur and now a young adult in membership with TELL. She has her own business on Federal Street In Camden and we support her in anyway we can to help her reach success in her new business.



Are you a Teen that is interested in sitting on a Committee to be an Advocate for other teens? Are you interested in being heard by your parents, superiors and community?

Do you want to make an impact when it comes to helping other teens?

If you are a Teen ages 13-19 boy or girl  or ages 20-30 and are interested in bringing issues to our Round Table to discuss how we as parents, aunts, teachers and community need to get our stuff together, to truly help you with your problems or concerns in your household, schools and community. Then you are the teen for TELL.

 Teen Advocacy Committee- will be located in Camden County New Jersey. Our mission is to allow teens a platform and a voice in our communities, court systems, households and schools. We know that some of you need help, resources and a reason to make a difference. We want to help you to turn that negative environment for not only you but other teens as well. It will be an open forum where you can speak your voice, tell us older folks what you think, how you feel and your passion on driving change for other teens. Teens helping Teens. 



Ok.... I know that there are a lot of mothers and fathers that do not know where to start  when it comes to planning your children's future. We in our Culture (many of us), know how to apply for welfare, food stamps, and get our children out of truancy school or pass them around from family member to family member hoping that they will do well in another school. However, we have to learn to think about our children's future. One that they all deserve. Maybe you did not go to college, neither did the child's father. But that does not mean that you don't have to have the hope of your child going.

Let's start today. WE at TELL can help  you to navigate through the scholarship process and can help your child reach the potential. We have many Featured Professionals and Teens featured monthly to help you to prepare for your college day. We need to groom our children now for school. Not only the everyday education in which they do need, reading so important and learning to study at age 5 will get them to understand young how important their education is.

So here are a few College Scholarships for Kids and students ages 5-21 it also includes children grades 9-12.


Check out the link:

Scholarships for children under age 13

Upcoming Events & Great News

2018 Superwoman of South Jersey

Ms. Harris has been nominated again numerous times for this upcoming award. It is such an honor for her to be  up for another award. We wish her much success, she  never stops supporting our communities, veterans, teen girls, advocating for those with no voice... does she ever sleep we all ask!! 

Coming Events- SJ Magazine- Super Woman Winner

Ms. Harris Won! 2018 Superwoman of SJ. Check out our Blog about it! 

2018 Fashion Week- Fashion Show

Our very own Joyce Harris- Fashion Designer who is fabulous is Hosting a show, we have our teens who are designers being featured.  Tickets  Check out Eventbright/2018fsashionweekshow for more details.

Lastly, we will host our very first small group for teen girls who are interested in starting their career paths, teaching them all about obtaining scholarships and much more. Stay tuned for more details.. This is a focus group for teen girls to lead, coach, empower and support their dreams of higher education.


Please donate back packs, and all school supplies all donated items will go to our youth in our communities. Please suport today, call today for drop off locations 609-969-0667. Dates from July 21, 2018 through September 1, 2018. Thank you for your support.

Recruiting Volunteers

T.E.L.L is currently recruiting Volunteers to help us with our teen girls. We are working on setting up a Teen Council to help other teens who are At-Risk as well as a Teen Advocacy Council- President

Personal Assistant- To T.E.L.L President

Team Building Advocate- can be a young lady 20-50 years of age

Grand mom- We need to have a seasoned, professional , on the ball mother who can be a grand mom to our girls and a mentor to our young ladies who will be joining our group.

Are you interested in being a participant of a program for teen girls that is successful , growing and empowered to reach the top. Do you have the time to volunteer.? 

These positions are all Volunteer. Every Volunteer will undergo an intense but fun interview process. We look forward to having you on our team!! 

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