We protect the Womb & the Heart

Additional Information

With Healthcare costs on the rise. TELL is on the move working toward educating our girls on Chronic Disease prevention, Sexual Activities, Behavioral Issues, Peer Pressures that cause negative behaviors, Drugs, Alcohol, Gender responsibility, Hygiene, Exercise, foods and how they can provide healing, protecting the heart, womb and so much more. 

Our Health & Wellness program is designed to help our girls live healthier lives and be more secure in their skin. We help them with self- esteem and overall health. 

We have Featured Professionals from the medical fields, Doctors, APNS, Coaches, Nurses  and Educators that live, walk and work the examples of good health and they are here to teach our girls how to succeed in this area of their lives.

In addition, we believe that we should teach, educate our girls on the importance of protecting their womb, it is the place of creativity and should not be entered without purpose. 

The heart is such a tool for us to develop true love, passion and has to be protected at all costs. Our girls are educated on how we should keep the heart happy and healthy. Which is connected to our inner soul and spiritual being. This journey of Health is important to our overall being. We TELL them how.