Our Teens of Excellance are Celebrated Monthly

Miss January 2018


I’m Chardan but I mainly go by Char. I am an 18 years old female who is currently  attending Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia PA. I am a freshman Ilustration Major.  Likes: reading comic books & fiction books, writing fiction & fantasy, creating symbols, plants, animals in my art, & discovering things about myself, spirituality, earth, life and health.  High School to College Transition Experience- I graduated just last year 2017 & honestly transitioning from high school to college was both exciting & challenging. My challenge was getting adjusted to college school work and social environment. My excitement was going to a new place and meeting new people and learning my Art and living on my own.   1st Year College Experience- My greatest experience is seeing what school has to offer. Now being in college definitely proves itself to be a much bigger ballpark. It doesn't seem as easy as high school you have more responsibility and time management skills needed to stay on top of your work. While I do enjoy going to an all women’s art school that pushes for successful careers within doing what you love, there are some flaws I do wish that the system could work to manage. Some suggestions: more financial support for the student, workload is excessive at times, and they should offer more help when it feels like you are at your limit and stress should be supported and they should offer a workload limit. Art school takes a lot of work and most definitely has taught me big lessons in a very short period of time.  But everything has its limit.   Dislikes about College-The lack of organization, the failure of action towards managing workload, and the financial assistance towards Upperclassmen but practically nothing but, an instant redirect to outside resources for Lowerclassmen. Other than those things, personally, I’d say Moore is a pretty decent college for any aspiring artist to set their sights on.   Growing Up- For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a kid who seemed to be planning something. A story, or a fun group activity for friends, and a comic book to develop passionately on heavy stacks of folded printer paper. This has always been something I’ve loved to do, and before choosing Illustration I was looking towards the Fine Arts route. Which is funny because right then, I thought: “How would that make sense when you simply love creating different worlds, characters, events that people could enjoy and relate to?”. Illustration is definitely a favorite category of art for me. But I do admire Fine Art and have an immense love for the strong elements within renaissance pieces from art history. And As an observant person, I gain a lot of inspiration from films, shows, and everyday life.  As a young black artist, I feel what I’m passionate about plays into a lot of the works I put out. I’m very keen on things like spirituality, culture, self, representation, and equality. I feel like those things really make my pieces vibrant and pull something from it’s viewer even if there's no explanation just yet. While some pieces don’t always have a certain significance, I still like to incorporate those passions into my art because regardless its' important that these type of things are brought to light. Especially with broader topics like, representation, race, culture, etc.   Transition from a Predominately Black School & Community to a Predominately White School & Community- This happened without preparation. Having to transfer I feel like that’s definitely become way more important to me than it already was before.  Going to a white school was almost like immense culture shock, of course academically the school offered the best. But, socially? WT completely drained me after the first week. Experiencing that, only drove to continue learning more and bringing more subjects to light. To me, it’s important we don’t stray from these cultural appropriation, social standing & respect was lacking, the appreciation for differences in culture and talents which are all very important.   Future Plans- My plans after I graduate is to definitely spot a job with big companies like Square Enix, Funimation, and Blizzard. I am also considering building my own business in freelance and teaching. I hope as time goes on people get to know me and my craft more. I’ve got a lot in store in terms of myself and my art. Really, this is just the beginning

Miss February 2018


TELL is so honored to be introducing our next STAR Teen who is making strong moves in her young life. We love that our young ladies are making a difference in the lives of their families, friends, school and to those who are coming behind them.  Little Miss Edwards is an 8th grade Honor Roll student at Caravel Academy in Bear, DE. In November 2017, she was inducted in the National Junior Honor Society for academic success (3.9 GPA) and commitment to service. In addition to her academic success, she is a member of the Junior Varsity Soccer Team, plays the clarinet in the school band and is involved in several school clubs (Math, Anime and Art Club). Aliyah is very passionate about helping people and wants to become a Pediatrician. If she could do something to change this world, it would be to find a cure for childhood cancer.   We love her and are so very proud of her too!!! Congratulations Miss teen February 2018! Keep up the awesome work.

Miss March 2018


Welcome our TELL Miss Teen March 2018!!! We honor her, we love her drive and hard work and her dedication to her family, purpose, passion and what she has to offer our Universe.  Help us congratulate this awesome young lady!!!  My name is Annais Delgado I’m an 18 year old Puerto Rican woman. Currently I’m a freshman at Moore College of Art and Design and I’m majoring in Animation and Game Arts and possibly minoring or double majoring in Illustration.  Having lived in Puerto Rico my whole life was I think a very important part of my childhood and who I am today. I moved to the United States around 5 years ago and living in New Jersey definitely was a bit of a culture shock in terms of school and environment. Many times I struggled with the lack of diversity and inclusion in classrooms and an education system that catered and was predominantly white. I have been involved in situations where people have been prejudiced towards me because of my race and background. And many times I have also been in uncomfortable situations where this was happening to others around me. But to this day it has definitely made me a stronger person who wants to fight back even harder. I do believe this gave me a different view and brought to light a lot of issues in the world that I believe should be changed and I want to be a part in changing.  Going to college has always been a goal for me since both of my parents have not graduated college. I have always wanted to make something out of myself and take care of them like they have taken care of me. College has definitely been a completely different experience from high school. I love attending Moore. I find myself surrounded by amazing women and people that inspire me to persevere and become a better artist and person. Even though there’s still issues socially that I want to be able to change, most of the women I have met are very open minded. The environment is more diverse and inclusive which I believe is very important for young people in today’s society. I’m currently part of three clubs on campus (Culture Heritage Alliance, Moore Diverse, Black Student Union) that try to address issues regarding race and diversity on campus. This is very important to me because it’s a step in the right direction towards my goals as a person and an artist. With all the issues in today’s society it’s important for people who are part of groups or communities that are often ostracized to stick together and fight for each other. This is the only way for everyone to move forward and become a more diverse and inclusive world.  I am very passionate about art and using my talents to try making a difference in the world. I’m very proud of my culture as a latina woman. And I always try to carry and express that in my work. I try my best to stay woke and fight for what is right in this world since times can be tough. As a kid growing up I have always loved movies and cartoons but I think I always struggled with finding representation when it came to media. I never saw that princess movie that reminded me of me or even looked like me. I never saw a character on tv that wasn’t stereotypical or offensive. So as I grew older I always knew this was a big problem in our society. People of color have a lack of proper representation in movies and cartoons and a lot of different media. And not just people of color but LGBT and trans communities. This is the reason why I decided I wanted to become an animation major. I want to be able to make movies or cartoons that are diverse and realistic. I want to be able to represent my culture and give other people the experience of being able to say that they can see themselves in characters and stories I create.  I have many plans for the future and I’m very excited to see what I have in store. I want to be able to use my art and ideas to move the world and represent those who need representing. My biggest goal/dream as an animator is to possibly work in some sort of animating studio whether it’s as huge as Disney or Pixar or as small as Toon city. Anything from television to motion picture film I want to be involved in. I want to be able to work on projects that tackle current issues and are more diverse in terms of race, identity, and culture.  My advice for any young girl out there would be that no matter how messed up and unfair the world around you may seem you always have the power to do something about it. There is always a way that you can contribute to a greater cause or even to your own life. If you find yourself in an unaccepting world make it accept you. Because you are valid and important and powerful. Fight passionately for what is right and do what you love.  Like the amazing Shirley Chisholm once said:  “If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” Which are words I live by.

Miss April 2018


We are so very proud to announce our next Miss Teen April 2018. Although she is now 21. Tanisha was 18 when first introduced to TELL and she has been an active teen with so many talents in the world of airbrushing.   Tanisha now owns her own shop in Camden NJ. She is a graduate of Pennsauken High School and an Entrepreneur.  Tanesha is most passionate about her artwork, she was born with this gift. Her first work of art happened when she was only 3 years old. Her first portrait was of her grandmother. She is now 2 years in business. Her long term goal is to do a runway show. TELL will support her to make that happen in 2018. She wants to design high end clothing.  Tanesha is most inspired by her mother and her two grandmothers. She is a wonderful Leader that was led by some awesome and powerful women in the Hispanic community.  We welcome her to our group, our community of young talented women and look forward to her being the next generation of Leaders making a difference in the lives of other young girls. Thanks Tanesha we are proud of you and love you so very much.

Miss May 2018


Scholastic/Career Ambition:  Jordyn has attended the Winslow Township School district for 11 years. Since fifth grade,  she has been honored for her academic achievements. With a love for children, Jordyn has decided to pursue medicine as a degree in college with an end goal being a pediatrician.   Talents: Softball player and competition cheerleader.  Interesting Facts:   At the early age of 5, Jordyn was a model for Expressions Models in Philadelphia. She was one of five poster kids for a dental campaign which appears on a billboard in Connecticut, "Don't Bad Mouth Your Kids." A  campaign that encouraged and educated lower-income families, the importance of early childhood dental care.   Jordyn has been part of an awesome cheerleading competition team for several years. Last season she took home the most reliable base trophy. Keeping those cheerleading pyramids secure is a must and with Jordyn as a base, you can count on her stunt group nailing all of their stunts.   Jordyn has big plans this summer. In June, she will be attending HBCU Hampton University for a week under their Young Diplomats Summer Program. There, she will get a glimpse of what college life is like at an HBCU as well as learn about language, culture, leadership, humanitarian issues and much more. Jordyn will travel with her grandmother, cousin and EFT tours to Germany, Munich, Italy, and Austria. What an awesome summer she has to look forward to

Miss June 2018


Meet our beautiful  Kyasia Bess & she is a 14 year old CEO of Allaiyah B. Girls Online Boutique. She loves & design fashion its something that I've always wanted to do since I was 6. She love the art of combining different patterns and colors to create a unique fashion masterpiece. Kyasia her 8 year old sister launched their business in 2016 after realizing that instead of modeling in fashion shows we can become fashion designers ourselves & create our own visions of what fashion is to us. Family and friends are very important to them they are the ones that motivate and encourage her to be great. Her mom always taught me to focus on being better than what she was yesterday so her goal is to be disciplined dedicated & determined in anything that she does in life.

TELL is very excited to announce that she will be in our Teen Fashion show this Fall 2018! Go Kyasia we look forward to what you will do next. We support and love you very much... congrats for being selected to be our Miss Teen June 2018!