We Can Become Anyone WE Desire to Be

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Our children are our future. It can be a little scary to start your own  beginning and your own business. 

However, not every young girl has the desire to go to college or will succeed in this area. So what does the other half do? 

We create jobs!

TELL will help inspire and support our young girls in this area of their life. They have the greatest ideas, new inventions, passion to write books and so much more. 

With all that is going on with our society today, we don't want our girls to fall through the gaps in life. 

This program will assist them to become Community Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, become the creator of their OWN passions. 

We introduce them to Featured Professionals in every aspect of life as well as Featured Professionals who are successful Business Owners, Authors, Investors, Realtors, etc.  

TELL will assist them with the start of accomplishing their passion through entrepreneurship and will help them to also develop their first simple Business Plan.