I love you



It is my desire & passion with this Ministry to help our teen girls to overcome all hurt, harm & danger, that their lives will be turned around. I pray that their hearts & spirits will be saved from every act of every enemy today! We command them to be released from every act to destroy them all. I decree that there will be no more bondage in any of them and their families will be set free.

Change starts from within! They will overcome!

A Word from our President..

I am most honored to have each & every Mentor, Featured Professional & Teen girl who is a part of the Vision, Mission and Journey of TELL.

My passion is  to ignite fire in the eyes of our young ladies so that they will know that they are valuable to our society & this world. We are powerful & speak life to the lifeless. It is my journey to not leave any teen girl behind to perish & to lay down to a life that she does not deserve. But to assist in raising them up to where she should be & that is to live on PURPOSE, Give Birth & Create a life for herself by loving, hoping & desiring to be greater tomorrow than she is today.

My heart is so full of love, hope & joy for all our girls who leave this season of their teen life to go on to lead lives that create a better future for herself, community & most of all her environment. To live life is to learn & to learn life is to live.

May God continue to bless this program, our girls & our lives during this journey as we have a legacy to be commanded, commended, remembered & paths to create for the NEXT GENERATION OF WOMEN.

My desire is to leave a Legacy of Women Leaders who will continue my vision and dream of success, empowerment, trail blazing, social and economic support for our youth coming up behind each one of us.

Thanks to all our Partners, Affiliations, Volunteers and Supporters who believe in me and my vision now and in our future. We appreciate all donations, we are apart of a sustainable movement and all are anointed. I declare & decree blessings over you all. Be blessed.

Please donate to our cause..of helping others you will be blessed.